Aigne, 'Le Caragol' or snail

In Aigne you find a architecture rare in medieval times, containing only one street that circles around the heart of the village.


Village of the Minervois, Aigne owes his name ‘Villa d’Annius’ to: veteran of Julius Caesar.

On an altitude of 145m, about 270 Aignois(es) live in this village, which includes the hamlets Campan, La Prade, Les Mouleyres, Les Tuileries, Plovadi, Son Reve, Sainte Luchaire.

The Aignois are very proud of their street called: snail  or ‘Cagarol' in Occitan (or Cagarou)’.

In the centre you have the Saint-Martin church, roman style, finished in gothic style, on top three church bells, of which the latest, decorated, has records at the historical monuments.

With his small alleys, Aigne seduiced many artists and craftsmen who have set up their workshops to welcome their visitors.

Aigne l'escargot © Mairie Aigne

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